Saturdays 10:30- 11:15am
February 2 - May 11, 2019
No Classes: 2/16, 4/20

2nd Floor Classroom 9
Boys & Girls Club Jersey City
225 Morris Blvd. Jersey City, NJ 07302

Class Taught by:
Vibgyor Creations

Art is a way for children to learn the world and to express another language that is known to the world. In order to cultivate children's interest in art , children are encouraged to participate in creation activities, so that children can perform their paintings in the process of seeing, thinking and playing, learning to observe life. 

Vibgyor Creation’s first 4 Introductory art lessons are based on a step by step drawing and coloring method. The curriculum is designed to increase student’s awareness of the different kinds of art and art forms. The child will complete two art projects in which they will be introduced to different mediums based on their interest and skill set. Remaining classes will be customized based on the child’s level, skillset and interest.


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Small classes; 5:1 Student to Teacher Ratio


$325 for 13 classes inclusive of all materials
Aprons will be provided for students to use in class



The objective of these projects is to familiarize the child with their environment and make them comfortable with the simple shapes and objects. It gives a wide range of experience and helps them to appreciate art around them. These projects also introduce them to acrylic medium, various painting instruments and familiarizes them with the “art” vocabulary. Most important it lets them know that there is no wrong way to do art!