Program Overview

Learn multiple choreographed dance sequences
Exposure to various dance forms: Bollywood, Contemporary, Classical Fusion, BollyHop
Periodic videos to allow students to practice and perfect their skills
Showcase skills at Company Recitals twice a year
Opportunities to perform at various events in the Tri-state area

Black Pants (athletic wear, no jeans)
 Company T-Shirts

Fall 2019 Schedule

45 minutes sessions
Saturdays September 14, 2019 - December 7, 2019

Boys and Girls Club JC
Second Floor, Classroom 8, 9

Important Dates:
No Class: 10/12, 11/30
Winter Recital: December 14, 2019 (Tentative)

$300 for the semester includes:
One stage costume
Dress Rehearsal for show at venue
Participation in the Winter 2019 Recital

*Please note that some performance opportunities may have ticketing charges.

Want to try a class? Stop by for our Free Open House
Drop-Ins welcome! $25 for a class. Please limit one.


BGC Bollywood

Ages: 3+ years old
Time: 9:30am - 10:15am

Our Bollywood I class is designed to work on basic form, technique, and spatial positioning. Special attention is given to hand- leg coordination and recognition of the 8 count beat. Our students are taught to focus on learning to work together as a team while memorizing choreography using simple cues. Students have opportunities to participate in events and our Company recitals.


BCG BollyHop

Ages: 5+ years old
Time: 9:30am - 10:15am

Our BollyHop class is a combination of Hip Hop and Bollywood Dance techniques combined. Taught by SDA Company Dancer Mr. Rajul, the class will focus on teaching students the basics of Hip Hop to bring the pop to their moves. Students will learn to work on their dance stance, sharpen their moves and strengthen their balance. Students will learn a great deal about stage positioning, movement, formations and expressions. Students have opportunities to participate in events and our Company recitals.


BCG Classical Fusion

Ages: 6+ years old
Time: 10:30am - 11:15am

Our Bollywood II class focuses on more complex steps and combinations including infusing various classical dance forms into our routines. Taught by our resident classical teacher, Ms. Shalini, our classical fusion students will study Bharatnatyam mudras (hastas) and learn to express the words of the songs with their body movements. The will focus on positioning themselves in the aramandi position to strengthen their posture and improve their race,  Students have opportunities to participate in events and our Company recitals.

Please read our Program Policies carefully prior to registration.