Shehnaaz Dance Academy is excited to start offering Hindi Lessons to kids Pre-K and up. Classes will be limited in size to allow for greater focus on speaking and listening. Learn more about our approach and our team here.

Class Curriculum

  • Recitation and Phonics of the Hindi Alphabet (Swar, Vyanjan)

  • Practice basic communicating in Hindi via group activities

  • Theme based vocabulary building- colors, animals, days of the week, body parts etc.

  • Introduction to reading and writing Hindi Letters (as deemed age appropriate)

  • Biweekly assignments and Homework sheets

  • Quiz at the end of the month

  • Reciting Hindi Alphabet (Varnmala)

  • Story Time, Hindi poetry and songs

  • Practice basic greetings and responses

  • Engaging in conversations at the dinner table, restaurant, park etc. using role play

  • Learning Hindi Vocabulary with the use of flashcards

  • Learn about Indian Festivals like Dussehra & Diwali

  • Understanding gender in the Hindi Language

Monthly Newsletters help our families to keep in touch with the syllabus and to track the progress of their children over the semester. Take a look at our sample newsletter

The Details



  • Saturdays Sep 14 - Dec 7, 2019
    * No Classes: 10/12, 11/30



  • Hindi (Mixed Ages Batch for 4+ yrs)

  • 10:30am - 11:15am


  • Cost: $200 for the semester

  • Drop Ins: $20/class


Please read our Program Policies carefully prior to registration.