Spend your summer having fun learning Bollywood and Classical Fusion Dance with SDA!

SDA summer offerings will focus on having fun and learning choreography to patriotic songs. Students will learn to work together as a team, improve their coordination and learn the importance of facial expression when performing. Our Summer Sessions will be conducted at the Performing Arts Workshop (196 Morgan Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302) conveniently located a block away from the Grove Street Path station. Our class offerings range for students from ages 3+ to adults. Find the class that’s right for you!

6 Sessions
July 9 2019 - August 13, 2019

Class Dates:
7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/6, 8/13

Want to try a class? $25 for a trial class. Please email us!

3 year olds +

Time: 4:30-5:15pm
Cost: $130

Our 3 - 4 year old students will focus on learning to listen, count and step to the beats and rhythm of our chosen track. We will be focusing on introducing count on the 8 beat and focusing on beginner dance techniques. Students will be taught basic footwork and learn to work together as a team. They will learn fun dance moves to the beats of their chosen track.

5 year olds +

Time: 5:15-6:00pm
Cost: $165 (includes one costume)

The students will work on intermediate choreography, improving their hand-leg coordination and coming together as a team. At the end of the 6 sessions, the students would have learnt a choreographed dance sequence of up to 3 minutes. Students will work on their posture, control over their body movements and perfecting the energy level to be brought to an act.

7 year olds +

Time: 6:00-6:50pm
Cost: $165 (includes one costume)

The students will be trained to master a 3 min high energy dance sequence involving various formations and fast paced moves. They will work on advanced choreography and concentrate on their hand- leg coordination along with maintaining a perfect balance of their head movements. We will focus on facial expressions and stage presence in order to prep them for stage act over the summer.

Squad Junior (In Training)

Time: 7:00-7:50pm
Cost: $165 (includes one costume)

Our Dynamic Squad Junior is being trained in Classical Fusion Techniques as well as Hip Hop, Jazz and Salsa techniques. Squad Junior is trained to perfect their emotional expressions, stage presence and be in perfect sync to wow their audiences. They are awarded an opportunity to represent us on various platforms. Squad Junior sign ups are possible via audition only. Please email us!


Time: 8:00-8:50pm
Cost: $175 (includes one costume)

Our adults will work on mastering complex choreography and sync with partners and team members in order to master new and interesting techniques and choreographies. We will provide several opportunities to talented aspiring dancers to be featured in our videos and events over the summer. Please note: opportunities may involve additional charges.