My daughter has been with Shehnaaz for 3 years, and has grown so much in skill and confidence. I whole-heartedly recommend SDA and all the classes. I tried other instructors, before deciding that the professionalism + heart that Shehnaaz brings to class is beyond comparison. All that hard work is especially visible and apparent in her semester-end recitals—something I will always look forward to! Thank you for all you do.
— Bani Phul, Jersey City, NJ
I would like to start this review by first thanking Shehnaaz for creating and offering an amazing platform, for kids and adults to learn and showcase various forms of dances. She is an absolutely amazing teacher and my daughter literally adores her. She is herself an excellent dancer and her teaching style is very efficient.. strict at times when she needs to be and full of fun and enjoyment even when teaching the most difficult dances. The level of commitment she has, to bring out the best in each individual and the personalised attention that she offers to all her students is worth highlighting. She has worked really hard to bring Shehnaaz Dance Academy to the point where it stands and continues to nurture it with her heart and soul.. yes I am not going too far by saying heart and soul ... you will know it and will agree with me if you are part of SDA
I am so glad I sent my daughter Aayushi to SDA and being part of SDA Junior SQUAD I was amazed to see how Aayushi was exposed to various dance forms ( not just Indian) , tons of events to participate in and the platform SDA offered to showcase talent was abundant and definitely satisfying as a parent. Entire experience was just so wonderful and Shehnaaz and her team of talented helpers and troops ensured that each show was a success and the hard work behind each successful show was evident. The appreciation Shehnaaz has for her students goes a long way and she would not only remember strengths but for each and every kids she knows minutest likes , areas of improvement and coaches them to be nothing but best!

She ensure her dancers not just perform flawless, she also ensures and supports in costumes and goes out of way to make sure all fittings are right and accessories are all in order to bring out the best show

I have relocated and we all are going to Miss Shehnaaz and SDA and the wonderful group of friends we made through SDA.. Thanks Shehnaaz .. you are the most talented, pleasant And wonderful dance teacher I have known and and keep doing what you are doing! You and SDA rocks!! Wishing greater heights for SDA.
— Parul Mehta, Junior Squad Parent, Jersey City NJ
Shehnaaz Jagasia has been teaching ‘Bollywood/Indian Fusion Dance’ class to my daughter and son for more than two years now as part of their after school activity at Cornelia F. Bradford school in Jersey City.  They have learnt a lot in this class and Shehnaaz has fostered a love for Indian dance and culture in them.  Shehnaaz brings a dancer’s passion and a mom’s patience to teach my kids and I am incredibly thankful for that.
— Niti Malhotra, PS16 parent, Jersey City, NJ
I highly recommend Ms. Shen as a dance teacher.  She taught both my four year old and two (almost three year old) and they loved her!  We don’t normally listen to hindi music, and she accommodated the kids by searching for music that each children really bonded to and, to this day, enjoy.  Also, she was enthusiastic, patient, fun, and yet authoritative.  The kids enjoyed the class while learning additional dance steps each week.
I thought the class was beneficial for my children in a number of ways: 1) they became more coordinated with their bodies; 2) it was a great way for the children to be physically active; 3) it helped their memorization skills as they were required to memorize the order of the dance steps for each song; and 4) it allowed them (much needed) exposure to hindi music in a fun way.  In addition, she is genuinely kind and affectionate, and is wonderful person to educate your children.
— Kirti Reddy, Jersey City, NJ
Shehnaaz Dance Academy is not only a great private company, the main instructor, Shehnaaz, is also community-focused! She facilitates an excellent Bollywood Music and Movement class for babies and toddlers to benefit the downtownJersey City women and children’s shelter (York Street Project) once per month as part of the Community Caregiver Project. During this class, young children and their parents/caregivers are constantly engaged in age-appropriate movement with scarves, culturally diverse music from several cultures from around the world, and most of all, the kids’ smiles say it all! The children leave the class energized and enthusiastic from having learned new songs and dance movements with Shehnaaz. She also includes a couple songs to get the parents/caregivers up and moving, which also pleases the adult audience and has them asking for more by the class’ end. Shehnaaz brings the community together for a great cause, and is a highly recommended instructor for all ages!
— Katie Moore, York Street Project, Jersey City