My daughter has been learning bollywood dance with Shehnaaz since she was 3 years old and now she is 6. Shehnaaz not only makes it fun for kids but also creates themes around all indian festivals to give the kids a flavor of indian culture - Holi, Independence day and much more. I really admire her patience with little kids at the same time be strict enough to get their attention. I would highly recommend Shehnaaz’s dance lessons for any ages!
— Nidhi Arora, Jersey City, NJ
Shehnaaz is a amazingly patient and dedicated teacher. She has taught my daughter several times over the years and her patience and encouraging words never cease to amaze me. I have seen nurture the love my child has for dance and helped her move better as well as more confidently. The bond she forms with her students truly enables them to excel and perform well.
Shehnaaz taught my 4 year old daughter a solo three minute dance that complimented her skill level and allowed her to perform with confidence. For my sister’s sangeet, I turned to Shehnaaz to choreograph a dance for my husband and myself. She did an outstanding job working with us and the dance was a big hit!
— Anjuli Garg, Jersey City, NJ
Shehnaaz Jagasia has been teaching ‘Bollywood/Indian Fusion Dance’ class to my daughter and son for more than two years now as part of their after school activity at Cornelia F. Bradford school in Jersey City.  They have learnt a lot in this class and Shehnaaz has fostered a love for Indian dance and culture in them.  Shehnaaz brings a dancer’s passion and a mom’s patience to teach my kids and I am incredibly thankful for that.
— Niti Malhotra, PS16 parent, Jersey City, NJ
I highly recommend Ms. Shen as a dance teacher.  She taught both my four year old and two (almost three year old) and they loved her!  We don’t normally listen to hindi music, and she accommodated the kids by searching for music that each children really bonded to and, to this day, enjoy.  Also, she was enthusiastic, patient, fun, and yet authoritative.  The kids enjoyed the class while learning additional dance steps each week.
I thought the class was beneficial for my children in a number of ways: 1) they became more coordinated with their bodies; 2) it was a great way for the children to be physically active; 3) it helped their memorization skills as they were required to memorize the order of the dance steps for each song; and 4) it allowed them (much needed) exposure to hindi music in a fun way.  In addition, she is genuinely kind and affectionate, and is wonderful person to educate your children.
— Kirti Reddy, Jersey City, NJ