Program: There will be only one makeup class per semester. All Students are eligible to attend the makeup. Please inform us via email if your child will miss a session. Makeups for sessions at Performing Arts Workshop(PAW) are only redeemable at the same venue. 

Attire: Children must wear class uniform. Girls hair should be tied and loose strands pinned back and off their faces. We recommend no jewelry that may prove distracting.

Communication: Direct all questions and queries to Shehnaaz Dance Academy LLC at In case of emergency, please contact Shehnaaz Jagasia at 201.455.7285. In the event of a class cancellation you will be informed via the phone number and email address you provided at registration. Performing Arts Workshop (PAW) is not eligible to answer any questions about the dance sessions.

Drop off Class: This is a drop off class, as such:
a) No parents or caregivers are allowed inside the PAW studio (unless invited in). You may wait in the waiting area for the duration of the session.
b) Please do not open the studio door when the class is in session. If you are running late, you have a window of 10 minutes to arrive. Studio door will be locked after the first 10 minutes.
c) For early pickup, please inform us in advance.
d) PAW parents: Please be mindful, that we are renting the studio and not the waiting area. The waiting area is a shared space and there may be another session in the other studio. Please refrain from making loud noises in the shared waiting space. Please refrain from stepping behind or using the front desk. Please DO NOT SIT in the chair at the front desk. That is reserved for PAW personnel only.
e) The child will not be released without an authorized adult being present. Shehnaaz Dance Academy LLC must be informed (via email only) if someone other than a parent or regular caregiver is picking up the child.
f) Due to the limited space in the waiting area, please do not invite guests and family to view the sessions.

Property: All parties are responsible for their own property. PAW will discard unclaimed items every week. Shehnaaz Dance Academy LLC and PAW are not liable for any lost or stolen property.

Food and Beverages: With the exception of water, food and beverages are not allowed in the studio. Children should eat before the session and will not be allowed breaks to eat. No chewing gum allowed.

Maintain Decorum:  PAW families, please refrain from stepping behind the Front desk. Please do not leave any food or drinks on the waiting area furniture. Discard wrappers, cans, diapers and other items carefully. Any spills must be cleaned up promptly. When using the bathroom, please make sure to leave it neat and tidy. 

Behavior: Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in the studio or the waiting area. The studios have strict policies and any disruption will have to be attended to immediately. If the child/children disturb the class they will be given several chances. If the behavior does not improve, the child will be withdrawn from the program without refund.

Self Sufficiency: All the children who attend the program must be potty trained.

Rules of the Premises:
a) Strollers, Tricycles, Skateboards, Bikes, Scooters are not allowed inside the building or even in the hallway. Pets are not allowed in the building. They can be placed outside the building.
b) Pets are not allowed on the premises.
c) The premises are a non-smoking zone.