Adults Bolly Dance Class a Blast!

While this may be Shehnaaz Dance Academy's first foray into Adult Dance sessions, it has been my dream since 2015. The structure I wanted my class to take has been planned and etched in my mind for what seems like forever. It has taken these 2 years for it to come to fruition and I couldn't be more excited to introduce it to the wonderful people of Jersey City. I want these sessions to shape up as a combination of Total Body Workout and a choreographed team sequence all set to Bollywood Music. 

My aim for these sessions has always been to prove that Dance Does NOT DISCRIMINATE. No one needs to be inhibited or afraid to dance in front of a crowd. They do not need to dance behind closed doors or be in a dark night club to be able to move and groove their bodies. Dance helps one express yourself and that is something everyone should be able to achieve whatever their shape, size and form. I want this to be a 'lights on empowerment exercise' with friends, spouses, the world. Through this I wish we could all lose our inhibitions, let our endorphins take over and go to our happy place and while burning some calories, making some new bonds and feeling good about ourselves.

Our first class proved to me that dreams do come true! It was a wonderful session with inhibitions left at the door and people having a great time! Check out some pictures and video clips below!