York Street Project Workshops: A Chance to Give Back!

I attended my first workshop, a Lego session, at York Street project on a Tuesday morning in spring. I was very impressed by organizer Katie Moore's efforts to raise awareness and funds for the York Street Project while supporting children's development, diversity, and building a sense of community in downtown Jersey City. It made me want to help in my own little way. And that was the birth of our Bollywood movement and dance sessions at the York Street project. 

Held typically every 3rd Tuesday each month, the sessions are geared for children aged six months to six years accompanied by their parents and caregivers. Our latest session on June 20th was well attended and had something for everyone including the adults! We kick things off with a warm up routine getting the kids comfortable moving to Bollywood beats. Following a few dances, the children are invited to take a break with Hindi poetry and English nursery rhymes. We do a routine with the caregivers and parents inviting them to follow along to the Bollywood song. Our session evolved into the different attendees sharing poetry from their cultures eliciting big smiles all around. It was wonderful to see the diversity of our community coming together in such a wonderful way. 

We hope you will join us for our next workshop and help support our efforts in giving back!