Winter Recital 2017


Shehnaaz Dance Academy's first Winter Recital was held on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 at the prestigious Barrow Mansion in downtown Jersey City. This show highlighting the talents of our students set to the beautiful choreography by Shehnaaz herself has been a long time in the making. Set in the theater room of the Barrow Mansion, the room was tastefully decorated in the colors black and red colors of Shehnaaz Dance Academy. The shimmering lights with the SDA logo banner made an ideal stage backdrop to showcase our performers.

The fabulous recital performances showcased different cultural parts of India through the various song selections.  The show featured 52 different performers dancing to 11 different songs over the span of 60 minutes to a sold out audience. 


Starting off the night, we had our first number Shubharambh meaning good beginnings. This song performed by our PS16 advanced batch kicked off our showcase.  Our next number Bumbro, a Kashmiri wedding number was performed by our youngest students who looked amazing dressed in traditional outfits. The beautiful head scarves helped them look the part as they danced with their partners to the wonderful beats. 

Our PS 37 students rocked the stage dancing to a Punjabi number, Suit Suit dressed appropriately in beautiful Punjabi suits. Their high energy performance was followed by the equally impressive PS16 group's Badri Ki Dulhaniya


Our wonderfully dressed Bollywood II & PS16 group followed with their lively dance number Sweety Tera Drama setting the stage on fire. One of our bigger groups, the dance involved a lot of coordination and moving pieces between two different classes and the group pulled it off flawlessly. 

Our private students performed a beautiful couple dance to the number Lagdi Hai Thai. This number was followed a performance of Shehnaaz with her student set to Pinga, a dance number highlighting the Laavni dance style, Maharashtra, India. The camaraderie and competition of the dance was beautifully executed. 


Following these dances were a few of the more westernized numbers highlighting the latest fusion between Bollywood and Western Dance styles. We had PS16 students take the stage with Galti Se Mistake, followed by the more fun number Bum Bum Bole with a surprise appearance of our guest clown! 


BollyHIIT Ladies took the stage to showcase their moves to the Rajasthani number Morni followed by the more recent hit, Bani Teri Radha. In coordinated outfits, the ladies charmed the audience with their mashup of classical and more modern moves. 


0Our big finale was the high energy, crowd pleasing number Indiawaale. Emphasizing the homeland pride, this number invited the crowd to match the performers energy with their foot tapping and hand clapping! What a wonderful end to the show. 

A big credit for this wonderful evening goes to our emcee for the night, Miss Syra B., one of Shehnaaz Dance Academy's first students. Syra kept the crowd entertained and informed throughout the show. Only 10 years old, she made the entire experience a pleasant and seamless one for our audience. 

The show was a huge success. Our students felt empowered and proud of their beautiful performances. The delicious cupcake treats by Ambika were met with excited and happy faces at the end of the evening. The stunning costumes created by Sketchboard4Kids added the extra flair to all the acts and were loved by students and parents alike. We want to thank all of our students and their families for their faith in us. We want to recognize and thank our schools PS16 and PS37, Performing Arts Workshop, and the Barrow Mansion for all their support. Lastly, thank you to all our supporters, we could not have done this without your love and trust. We hope you will all join us for our Spring Recital!