Jersey City Council Recognizes Shehnaaz Dance Academy at City Hall

Shehnaaz Dance Academy (SDA) and its Spring Recital 2018 participants were recognized and commended by Jersey City Council on May 9th, 2018, a day which will forever be etched in SDA's history.  The Jersey City Council meets once a month, every 2nd Wednesday, and votes on matters of importance to Jersey City and its people. Thus, it was a great honor to have a resolution passed in our name at the City Council Meeting on May 9th. The resolution recognized our hard work and the cultural flair we bring to Jersey City. This recognition bolsters our resolve to continue to aim higher and help promote Bollywood dance as well as Indian culture in Jersey City.

Shehnaaz Dance Academy is blessed to be a part of this culturally diverse community that encourages and supports small businesses like us. The recognition by the council reaffirms the city's commitment to nurturing diversity and promoting culture and arts. We always aim to contribute and give back to our community and this recognition validates our beliefs 10 fold. Thank you to our ardent supporters, our well wishers, our students and all our families. A huge shoutout to all who attended and commemorated this special occasion with us. Shehnaaz Dance Academy would have never made it to this point without our team and the support of our families. Special thank yous to Pam Andes for nominating us, Dr Rolando Lavarro for being so supportive, and Councilman James Solomon for attending our event to show his support and encourage our students.