Final Adult BollyDance Pop Up For Summer 2017

Last night was our final adult BollyDance pop up for the summer. It was a fabulous session, packed with high-energy music, routines and wonderfully receptive students. 

We are so glad we switched all the routines up yesterday - the workout, the choreography; it all fit in beautifully with our plan to up the game this week. We introduced Masala Bhangra, Jazz and Hip Hop to our patrons. The routine was a perfect balance of a workout with 3 cardio songs followed by a four minute Abs and Glutes crusher. The Ab workout was very well received and is sure to become a staple in our future sessions. 

Our choreography was a competitive, partner driven sequence which provided a fun element to the session apart from a learning aspect and calorie burner, all rolled into one. The class ended on a very high note with the rave reviews and positive feedback, opening up the dialogue for weekly Bollywood Total Body Workout sessions starting fall 2017.